Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hard Reset : Nokia E90

Few days back, my wife's Nokia E90 had a problem. The web browser didn't work, we could not seem to run the browser even though we got the WLAN connection. We tried the short cut button from the keypad inside, we tried from the main menu, from the WLAN menu, all didn't work.

I tried to soft reset the phone from the main menu : Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Factory Setting, also did not solve the problem, we still could not run the browser. After this, I knew that the only solution is to hard reset the phone, even though it will erase all data and program except those pre-installed from the factory.

Nokia E90 does not come with manual book, so I called my friend, who is the product marketing manager of Nokia Indonesia. He told me that the easy way to do hard reset is by doing the following step, from the main menu press *#7370# and key in the phone lock code, default is 12345. The phone will reset within few seconds, and start again as if we just turn it on for the first time.

This solved the problem, my web browser now works properly again, however all data, downloaded applications, pictures etc which were stored on the phone memory were lost (but not those stored in the memory card). So don't forget to back up your data before resetting your phone.