Thursday, July 3, 2008

Compaq Presario V3837 and Windows XP

I have said in my previous posting that HP/Compaq is no longer provide support for Windows XP for their new laptops. Basically this means that your hardware may not work properly with Windows XP because HP/Compaq did not provide you with the correct driver.

Nevertheless, Imho there are 3 main reasons people are not moving to Win Vista. First, many people complain that Vista is slow due to heavy graphic interface (well, I have to admit that Vista looks is cool). Second, several hardware are not yet compatible with Vista (so it's the opposite case as well) and Third, Vista USD 130 is still more expensive than XP USD 90 (Home vs Home). So why do I have to pay more for somebody else experiment?

Therefore, until Vista is good and ready, let Microsoft fixes all the bugs and sort out all of the issues before coming back to us with a cheaper, faster and more compatible OS. In the mean time, lets keep Win XP in our laptops (or desktops).

However, there are 4 most common issues when installing Windows XP in Presario V3000 series, but all of them have solutions, as follows :

1. Windows XP will not be able to detect the SATA hard drive in the laptop when we try to install it for the first time. The solution is to integrate the SATA drivers in the installation CD, but this requires several steps. The easiest solution is to asked the store to install the Win XP for you

2. The internal mics do not work properly, internal speakers keep emitting sound even when a headset is plugged in. The solution is to install a correct driver. See my previous posting.

3. The scroll function in the touchpad do not work. The solution is to download the correct driver here :

4. The webcam does not work. The solution is to install the correct webcam driver from Youcam

Please ask the store to watch the above four issues when installing Win XP for your Presario V3000 series, so that you dont have to deal with them later.


Thomas said...

thx a lot sir, i just bought V3837 and didn't know wut to do..

but since my windows is XP Crystal and this mod version already including driver SATA.
At first i thought it would be no problem to install XP in this V3837, but in fact it still didn't read the HDD.

any solution? i already call the HP center, they give me advice to bought Floppy USB

Wiracandra W. Kusumoprojo said...

dear Thomas,
Try this link below, I hope it helps :

Thomas said...

ur advice helps me a lot!! many thx for that..

but i need ur help once again, i need a modem driver for my V3837.

can u help me once again where i can download the driver?


Wiracandra W. Kusumoprojo said...

thomas, you download the modem driver for compact at their website :

Alex said...

Hi sir, normally compaq presario V3000 was having the headjack phones problem. and i did search for your previous post about the mic, but i was still having the problem whereby the internal speaker doesnt mute when i plugged it

Anonymous said...

hai, i hav compaq V3412TU and hav the same headset and internal speaker problem. This is my sincere help that i wanna giv back to this cyber community as one of the guy from one of the forgotten wedsite has just solve my 3 years problem. The simple solution is download the sp32646 and then sp34200 from HP website. Then install sp32646 normally then in the sp34200, go have disc place and select the item with the .inf behind. It should be look like xxx.inf. select it and install it and hav a nice day with ur headset. Or for a more simple and quick solution, get a external USB sound card or sound adaptor.

Have a nice day watching movie without disturbing others and conclusion is, Compaq suck. Good Luck.