Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bangkok Intl Motor Show Girls 2008

Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS) in one of the hottest show in Bangkok!

Just in case you did not notice, I think only 50% of the BIMS visitors (mostly men) really want to see the cars, and out of those 50% who wants to see the cars, only half is thinking of buying a car and perhaps less than 5% who really did buy a car during the show.So, what did the rest of the visitors look for? well, honestly, I think they want to see the show girls hired by the car manufacturers to cheer up the show.

In Thailand they are very famous, people call them as Toyota Pretty Girls, Honda Pretty Girls, Subaru Pretty Girls and so on. They were hired not as a sales person, even though they also advertise the cars/motor cylces, but they are hired basically to as models with a little bit of product knowledge. If you really have a question about the car, you need to talk to the real sales person who can give you more detail of the car or credit arrangement.

Unlike in some other countries, Bangkok Pretty Girls are quite friendly are they willing to pose for everyone (not limited to official or media) so that everyone can take their pictures. Some people just use their phone camera, but some bring along some serious stuff with strange looking flash lamp and long big lenses.

I used my Nikon D40 with built in flash and Nikkor 55-200mm lens. A wrong choice of lens for the event since I also meant to take pictures of the cars. With only 55m lens wide, I could not take a full picture of any cars without being 10m away from it and without people obstructing my view. However, since the lens work OK for the girls, I was less disappointed, but next time I should bring my 18mm lens, or trade the 55-200mm with 18-200mm lens. It is quite expensive though...

Anyway, nuff said. Enjoy the pictures...

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