Sunday, May 25, 2008

HP 2133 Mini Note : New Release

After Asus released their ultra mobile pc (UMPC), the EEE PC series, which became hits in many countries, many pc producers are geared up to launch similar products, including HP. Just recently, they annouced the release of HP 2133 Mini Note to compete with Asus. I think they really benchmarked with Asus, because somehow I see HP specs are direct improvement of Asus EEE.

Dimension. HP 2133 (255x165x27 mm) are slightly wider and thinner than Asus EEE (225x165x35 mm). This extra 30mm is used to enlarge the keyboard size, making it easier to type. HP 2133 is also 8mm slimmer.

Screen. HP has bigger screen (9") compares to EEE 4G (7", except EEE 900 has 9" screen). However its screen design reminds you a lot with Asus EEE. It doesnt occupy the whole frame, but instead left a 1" gap on the left and right side to make a way for the internal speakers outlet. I think this is for two purpose, to reduce the cost (instead of putting 11" screen) but allow a bigger keyboard.

Connectivity. Both HP 2133 and Asus EEE have similar connectivity features, however HP slightly better because it has an internal bluetooth adapter which is missing in EEE. However, HP has only 2 USB ports while EEE has 3. Both have WiFi and LAN 10/100 port, but HP does not provide optional port for dial up modem. Both has SD/MMC card reader and both don't have internal optical drive.

Memory. HP has better memory capability. It has 1 DIMM slot supports up to 2GB 667Mhz DDR2 SDRAM, while Asus EEE 4G has only 512MB RAM non upgradeable (except EEE 8G and 900 model has 1GB RAM).

Storage. HP has a far better storage capability than any Asus EEE series with internal HD bay capable to store up to 160GB SATA 7200rpm. However, this is also causing HP to weight more, starting with 1.1kg (excl internal HD), while Asus EEE is only 0.9kg

Processor. While Asus EEE uses Intel Celeron M ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) 900MHz, HP 2133 uses faster but non Intel processor VIA C7 M ULV 1.0-1.6GHz (depending on model, 1.0GHz is for Linux version).

Operating System. HP 2133 comes with several options of pre-installed OS such as Windows, Linux or Free DOS. However, like most new computers these days, they only provide Windows Vista (either Home or Business) even though it also supports Window XP Professional (I'm not sure whether that's include XP Home). Please note that HP will not pre-install Windows XP for you unless you are a business customer with a minimum annual order of 25 units of the same spec. This means that if you want to install XP then have to install it yourself.

Price. HP 2133 1.6GHz Vista Business cost around USD 750, while 1.2GHz Vista Home cost around USD 620. This is almost double the price of Asus EEE 4G Linux at USD 370 (approx USD 470 with XP Home), while EEE 900 (12G) XP Home is sold at USD 550. However, I believe HP 2133 1.2GHz Vista Home is still value for money due to its bigger screen size and ample storage capacity.


Harrie said...

Halo Om Salam Kenal.
Dua minggu yang lalu daku beli Zyrex Ubud 7"yang pake processor VIA. Masalahnya waktu aku coba instal driver printer HP F380, ternyata resolusi screen dan processornya kurang memenuhi syarat. Bisa bantu solusinya ?

Wiracandra W. Kusumoprojo said...

Salam kenal juga Harrie,
Saya sebenarnya nggak jago2 amat soal komputer, tapi ini saya coba jawab.

Setahu saya F380 itu karena all in one printer, scanner and copier jadi memang punya min system requirement yg agak spesifik yaitu SVGA monitor dgn resolusi 800x600. Sementara Zyrex Ubud itu max resolution kalo nggak salah memang cuma 800x480.

Kalau soal processor, mestinya VIA C7 sudah cukup, karena itu sudah setara Celeron M sedangkan F380 cuma minta minimal Pentium II.

Satu lagi, F380 butuh minimal 500MB free disk space buat kerja.

Jadi kendalanya memang di screen resolution, karena aspect rationya nggak standar, memang tampilan layar di monitor 7" (Ubud dan EEE 2/4/8G) memang sering kepotong2, akibatnya sering ada beberapa bagian di layar yang hilang. Mungkin ini sebab utama F380 (karena merangkap scanner) nggak kompatible di Ubud.

Sayangnya setahu saya Ubud nggak punya VGA port seperti Asus EEE/HP2133 untuk konek ke external monitor, kalau punya, mungkin F380 masih bisa diinstall dengan kondisi internal LCD off, external VGA monitor on, jadi resolusi layar Ubud ikut VGA.

Mudah2an membantu.

Anonymous said...

mo numpang tanya.
kakak saya punya ubud dg os vista starter lamabat bgt.
kita beerpikiran untuk install dg windows xp,gmn caranya?
ato ada link yg bermanfaat?
makasih om.