Sunday, May 11, 2008

Clip II Mini Bluetooth Handsfree : Review

How often do you have to receive a phone call while driving?

I know that we're not suppose to talk on the phone while driving. In certain countries, this is totally banned, but in some other countries you're still allowed to do this providing that you're using a proper headset.

I have had several headsets for my mobile phones, both wired and bluetooth. But so far, based on my experience, Clip II Mini Bluetooth headset from Itech (, is highly recommended. Please note that Itech has several other models in Clip II series eg Clip II, Clip IIe and Clip II Mini.

With bluetooth means you dont have to bother with the cable connection between your mobile phone and your ear. It's not neat to have a cable dangling in from your neck into your trouser pocket especially if the cable is long and tangled. Get in and out of car is so much hassle and often the cable is stuck in the gear stick or hand brake lever.

With Clip II Mini, you can be almost any where within 10m distance from your phone to make or receive a call. Just quickly press the button on the earpiece twice and you will automatically dial the last number you called.

Sound Clarity
Compares to my other bluetooth headsets, Iqua BHS 303 and Sony Ericsson HBH65, Clip II mini has the best sound clarity. You can hear the voice loud and clear even in outdoors and noisy environment. Also, there are 4 volume level that you can easily select. Iqua BHS 303, despite its modern and sleek design, has the worst sound clarity and it's impossible to use it outdoors since you will not be able to hear the other person voice. Iqua BHS 303 does not have volume control at all. SE HBH65 has volume control on the side of the headset, but it's not easy to press the button while it stucks on your ear.

Battery Life
You can use Clip II Mini up to 5 days without re-charge. This is better than SE HBH65 which need charging every 2-3days.

I have tried using Clip II Mini with several phones (Nokia E90, E65 and Samsung SGH600i) and it works perfectly. I guess it will work with most phones, but you can check compatibility at Itech website. With Nokia E90, you can even adjust the volume level using the volume button on the side of the phone. With other phones you need to adjust it directly from the headset.

The Pro's
It's light weight, and the earpiece fits comfortably in my ear. Compares to Iqua and SE, you dont need to stick the headset on your ear all the time. You can easily plug to your ear whenever there is an incoming call. It's very difficult to attached SE HBH65 on your ear especially while driving. Iqua is easier but Clip II Mini is the best. Easy to use. With only 2 buttons, one on the base unit and one on the ear piece, it's very easy to operate. Most of the time, you only need to use one button on the earpiece to pick up and hang up a call. The buttons are cleverly designed to avoid accidental press. The button on Iqua HBS 303 is very prone to accidental pressing. I often accidentally switch my Iqua off when I put it on my shirt pocket.

The Cons
The only cons with Clip II Mini is that compares to wired headset, you cannot use it as a headset to listen to your music, either FM radio or mp3 player from the phone. You will need an A2DP bluetooth headset to listen to music (Iqua HBS 303 and SE HBH65 is not A2DP compliance as well).

Unless you want to listen to MP3 or radios, this headset is very recommended due to its superb voice clarity, convenient and easy to use and value for money.

Key Features
Clips comfortably to your clothes
Uncomplicated single button control
Pairs with two Bluetooth mobile phones simultaneously
Buzzer function lets you know when a call is coming through
Enchanced voice clarity makes it easy to chat
4 level volume control
Mute function
Rechargeable battery
Works with compatible Bluetooth phones

Bluetooth specification v2.0 class 2
Supports Bluetooth handsfree profile
Talk Time: up to 6 hours
Standby Time: up to 120 hours
Nominal Charging Time: 3 hours
Compatible i.Tech 110 ~ 240Vac switching power charger
Dimensions (main body): 45 x 22 x 22.2mm
Weight: 16.5 grams


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